How to Use the Wii Controller

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So you got yourself a Wii, congratulations! Now it is time to figure it all out. The Wii Operations Manual will guide you through setting up the various sensor devices and settings you can manipulate. Most of these settings are a matter of personal preference and will not affect game play.


Once you have set up your fancy new toy, pick which game you are going to play.

Make sure that the sensor is in front of the ares where you want to be while playing.

Read the directions included with the Wii and all gaming software to gain a general understanding of how you will be expected to manipulate the controls.

While at first, it may be hard to remember all the controlls of a specific game,but with practice, the motions required will become more natural to you. Become familiar with the icons that indicate which controller or remote you should be using.

To manipulate the controller on the screen, point the controller to a point on the screen, and a corresponding icon will appear where you are pointing, and you will be able to move it by simply moving the remote, and pointing at different locations on the screen.


Try thinking carefully about what you are trying to imitate perform. You may be over exaggerating the motions inadvertently. In my experience, small motions register better than unnecessarily large ones. If you have tried and tried, and still can not quite perform the action you are going for, move the remote just slightly towards the screen at the end of the action. A movement of half to 1 inch is usually sufficient. Be sure not to block the sensor in any way. It helps to know how the Wii remote picks up motion. It can detect rotation in 3 axis directions, and speed of straight movement in 3 axis. It can also detect its position relative to your TV in 3 dimensions. Most games require you shake the controller instead of swinging it.


Be sure to wear the attached wristband during any strenuous play to avoid accidental remote tosses.If you have a thin wrist strap, you must replace it with a new version of the wrist strap. The reason is because the old version can break easily due to its poor strength. Refer to to know the old and new version of the wrist strap. When you are on, go to the customer service section and look for Important Wrist Strap Information.All new Wiis being shipped now include a free Wii Jacket. This is a glove like object that you slip over your Wii Remote. It protects it from damage, and reduces the risk of injury to objects, people, or even the remote itself! You can go to to get a free one if you got your Wii before they started doing this.

Things You Will Need


Wii Remote

Wii Nunchuck


Wii Jacket recommended

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