How to Temporarily Fix Your Xbox 360 from the Three Red Rings

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If you are desperate enough to play your xbox after it has got the three red rings, then this is a temporary solution to that problem. This will NOT damage your xbox anymore than it already is and will not void the warranty in most instances. Keep in mind that this is NOT A FIX! Overheating is the reason you get the three red lights to begin with. Its a fun trick, but by no means a solution.


Intentional Overheating method

  1. Gather three or four towels.
  2. Place your xbox 360 console standing upright.
  3. Turn your xbox 360 console on, which will lead to the three flashing red lights RED RING OF DEATH
  4. Wrap the towels around the back of the xbox 360, covering the vents.
  5. Allow your xbox 360 to stay running for about a half an hour with it still wrapped in the towels.
  6. Unwrap the towels after 30 minutes and turn off the xbox 360.
  7. Turn your xbox 360 back on and the three flashing red lights should no longer be there.

Alternate Fix

  • WARNING: This WILL void your warranty but has been shown to work slightly better for letting the Xbox 360 work correctly. Also note that an update in policy allows up to 3 years for the three red rings of death under the new warranty. Look into the official website for more info.
  1. First disassemble the Xbox 360. There are multiple websites that will tell you how to do this. (DO NOT DO THIS unless you are no longer under warranty.)

Here is a tutorial to Open the Xbox 360

  1. Remove the motherboard from the inside of the case.
  2. Cut rubber erasers the size of the RAM chips on the bottom, making sure that they are not smaller. Also make sure they are about 3mm thick
  3. Attach or glue or use whatever method seams cleanest to attach them to the chips.
  4. Reattach the motherboard to the case. The eraser stubs should place a slight amount of pressure but should not bend the board. If it does, take the board out and thin out the eraser stubs.
  5. After putting everything back together, allow the Xbox to run for at least 15-20 minutes then reset it.
  6. This should allow at least of few months without problems.
  • NOTE: This is not a FIX for the problem, but can help make it work until you can order a better quality fix kit. Search for it online.
  • THIS IS NOT A HOAX: The reason you get the error in the first place is because of bad RAM connections. The eraser stubs push the RAM into place, and the heating helps refasten the solder connections.
  • WARNING FOR LONG TERM USE: This method as I have said before, does not permanently fix your Xbox. Using the method over and extended period of time can damage the RAM. The insulation from the rubber overheats the delicate chips shortening their full life span if used to long. As I have said, this is only to be done if you can no longer receive warranty service and you plan on ordering a useful kit to fix this problem. This is only a inexpensive method to temporarily allow you to use your Xbox until you can do this.


  • Keep track of the time. You do not want your xbox running for longer than half an hour.
  • Be sure none of the vent is exposed.


  • This technique is only temporary and will last for about two to four days.
  • Make sure you have gotten all three red rings before trying this out.

Things You Will Need

  • Towels
  • Overheated xbox 360 with the three flashing red rings
  • For alternate fix:
  1. Rubber Eraser
  2. Tools for opening xbox

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